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This is us! We are Zing!

ZING Aerosports is about Hot Air Ballooning. Whats fun, what's new and what's different. Born from the idea ballooning is an individual thing. We wanted to make a balloon for fun and enjoyment.

First we made Joelly the Baby Bee. From the inspiration of the Little Bees, Joey and Lilly came the idea of a Baby Bee. Rolling Pilot Michael Glen needed a balloon to ad to his talents as the "Only Paraplegic Certified Balloon Pilot". Michael's Rolling pilot forum reached out to events and schools to speak about over coming the challenges of dissabilities and showcase the sport of Ballooning. We proudly built Joelly for Michael. Check him out at

Next we designed and built "SpyderPig". The brain child of accomplished balloon Pilot Wayne Bond needed to be built. Wayne trusted us to the 10th degree to bring his idea to life. SpyderPig was built in 2010 and has since traveled to Mexico, Canada and all over the US.

We turned our sights to the competition crowd. We looked at some of the difficulties Pilots had in their traditional Racer profile balloons and thought we could make them work a little better. The idea we could custom design and fabricate a balloon to meet the needs of a specific Pilot was the task. 2 years of design and 1 year of fabrication later and we have the 'Challenger Racer". Capable of shaper straight ascents and descents, controlled course correction and ease of handling has made the Challenger the new "Bench Mark".

Next we plan to design and build an affordable balloon system to make getting into balloon easier. Our Sportiva Series will be small, light weight and economical.

Stay tuned Balloon fans, we got more to show you.

Captain Bob


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