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Very Am A Zing Times

2014 was a very busy year. We built 3 ZR-70 racers and one ZR-80. All 3 were flying at the 2014 Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta. What a proud moment.

King Louie, our ZR-70 prototype traveled the Mid west being flown by Joe Zvada and Benji Clemons. They gave us great feedback. Michael Glen flew his rookie year at the US National Championships in Longview, TX in King Louie. Later that year Andrew Petrhen took his turn flying King Louie in Arizona and Albuquerque.

We are getting ready to cut fabric for 2 ZR-60 racers. We will incorporate the great ideas and feedback we got from our Guest Test Pilots, Joe, Benji and Andrew. Look for the ZR-60 flying this summer. Call us to design yours.

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